Tariff Card

VehicleColorModelRent (Daily Basis)Rent (Monthly Basis)
Toyota Land CruiserWhite2016AED.450/=AED. 5500/=
Toyota YarisWhite2008AED. 60/=AED. 1300/=
Toyota CorollaWhite2013AED. 80/=  AED. 1600/=
Toyota Corolla (Sports)White2013AED. 90/=AED. 1700/=
Toyota CamryPearl White2013AED. 150/=  AED. 2200/=
Toyota YarisWhite2012AED. 70/=  AED. 1500/=
Toyota YarisWhite2014AED. 80/=  AED. 1600/= 
Toyota CorollaWhite2014AED. 100/=  AED. 1800/= 
Toyota PreviaWhite2014AED. 170/=  AED. 2500/= 
Toyota Fortuner (Sports)White2013AED. 200/=  AED. 3000/=
Toyota Hilux (Pickup)White2012AED. 130/=AED. 2500/=
VehicleColorModelRent per MonthRent per Month for 10 hours a day
15 Seater Bus  AED. 3000/=   5200/= 
30 Seater Bus  AED. 5500/=  7500/= 
34 Seater Bus  AED. 5800/=  7800/= 
60 Seater Bus  AED. 6000/=  8500/= 

Prices for Heavy & Light Trucks as well as Heavy Constructions Machinery and Equipments vary from case to case. It will be provide upon request depending upon the nature of work.

Term & Conditions:

All our vehicles are in good conditions and are fully and comprehensively insured.

Salik charges (AED 4.00) every time, whenever and wherever applicable, will be payable by the hirer. 

Documents Required:

For Company Use:

Local Purchase Order (LPO)

Trade License Copy, 

Color Passport Copy and 

Driving license Copy of the Driver. (The Driving License must be at least one year old.)

For Personal Use:

Original passport and driving license copy.

The Driving License must be at least one year old.